Michicraft Canoes

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the serial number on my Michicraft canoe?
The serial number is found at the rear of the boat. It is on the right side and can be found on the lip. Please note, however, that boats older than 1973 may not have a serial number as it was not required at that time.

How can I register my canoe if it does not have a serial number?
You must go to a branch of the state agency from which you must obtain the registration and they will provide you with a serial number in order to assist you with registering your canoe.

How can I tell how old my canoe is?
If your canoe is newer than a 1973 it is possible to determine the age of the boat from the serial number. The last two digits of the production year will usually be the last two digits of the serial number.

What kind of paint is used inside of my Michicraft canoe?
Non-skid automotive paint is used inside of Michicraft canoes and can be obtained through an automotive or industrial paint supply store.

What kind of paint should I use to paint the outside of my Michicraft canoe?
An automotive or industrial paint supply store can assist you in the selection of an appropriate paint if you choose to paint the exterior of your canoe.

Where can I buy parts for my Michicraft canoe?
You may order parts online through this website or by calling (800) 247-6275.

Can I add a third seat to my Michicraft canoe?
Yes, a third seat can be added by removing the center thwart and replacing it with a gunwale seat.

How do I replace the foam inside the bulkhead?
For old style Michicraft canoes (before 1994), the deck must be removed by drilling out the rivets and sliding it off. Place a garbage bag inside the bulkhead and fill slowly with sprayable foam insulation (because it will expand) to a little over half way full and replace the deck. For newer style Michicraft canoes (1994 and after), the rivets must be drilled out and the bulkhead must be removed completely. Drill a hole in the bulkhead large enough to insert a garbage bag inside and either fill with sprayable foam insulation to a little over half way full or call us at (800) 247-6275 to order styrofoam filling to fill the bulkhead. Replace the bulkhead after replacing the foam.